ADHD Gift Number 1 – Creativity

In my last blog I talked about the gifts of ADHD and yes I did say gifts. Today I am talking about the gift of creativity. Children, (and adults) with ADHD can be extremely creative. I remember when my children were little my husband would play “plane” with them. They would pack their clothes in paper bags (which may be the reason that today they are all over packers) and bring their “luggage” unto the plane. Dad lined up small chairs in the family room, gave them boarding passes, served them food ( I am really dating myself here) and turned on an “in flight” movie. They loved it! The best part for me was as they were flying all over the world I got some alone time. Dad’s ADHD creativity at work.

I also remember forts on the couches, paintings all over the refrigerator, shaving cream on the counters, acting out books and stories they knew, inviting friends (and friends included most of the stuffed animals in the house) over for “tea parties”and many hours of imaginary play going on in our house when the kids were growing up. Children’s ADHD creativity at work.

Because of this gift of creativity, ADHD children may grow up to be problem solvers, artists or inventors. They may not always sit still when you want them to, but then again they may be seeing things that no one else does.

Instead of getting upset at all of the chaos that your ADHD child leaves in his/her wake remember how creative his/her mind was to make all of that chaos in the first place. Then use your creative skills to make up a game for both of you that puts that chaos back in order.

Look at your child this week and see if you can see his/her creativity at work. And, make sure to tell them what you see.

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