ADHD Gift Number 2 – Energy and Drive

When ADHD children are motivated they strive very hard to succeed. Notice, I said motivated. My middle daughter was a B – B+ student most of her life, until she was in her credential program for teaching. She loved what she was doing, it made sense to her and she had a 4.0 for the year. She was motivated by her passion to teach. She is also the daughter that went to college on a soccer scholarship. She loved to play and she played hard and stuck with it from the time she was 5. She learned the game and endured hours of practice because she was motivated by her love of playing. Set the table, do homework, weed the yard – not so much.

When motivated by something they enjoy ADHD children can focus. Often they will hyper-focus. In other words they get so involved with what they are doing that the world around them disappears. When I was a child I loved to read and I could immerse myself in a book and be oblivious to what was going on around me. To this day my kids tease me because if I am reading they have to physically come up and touch me in order to get my attention. Hyper-focus at work.

You will see lots of energy and drive with your ADHD child as soon as you find something that he/she loves to do. Look beyond the confines of school and find something that your ADHD child can be passionate and successful at and then support him/her in their efforts. You will see your child blossom!

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