Monthly Archives: July 2012

All It Takes is One Minute

I took my own advice this past Friday and went out into my backyard around 1:00pm and sat by the pool. I read a book, had a cold drink next to me and pretended I was on vacation. I was feeling very stressed and decided I needed a break. I take care of my elderly

Summer’s Here- Hints On How to Keep Your ADHD Child Busy

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, school is out, no schedule to follow –WAIT – school is out!!! What am I going to do with my ADHD child (children) over the summer?????? Summer is usually thought of as a peaceful time with no schedules, the children will be well behaved and will read

Always In A Hurry?

My middle child was and still is very tactile sensitive. When she was small we used to have big ta-do’s (a time when everyone is not calm and voices tend to be raised) whenever she had to get dressed. She did not like tags in her clothes, nothing itchy could touch her skin and then

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