Always In A Hurry?

My middle child was and still is very tactile sensitive. When she was small we used to have big ta-do’s (a time when everyone is not calm and voices tend to be raised) whenever she had to get dressed. She did not like tags in her clothes, nothing itchy could touch her skin and then there were the dreaded socks! I don’t know how many times we went round and round because she could feel the “line” in the top of the sock and she simply refused to put her shoe on while wearing a sock.

At this time I think my ADHD was working overtime and I was always in a hurry. Finally, after many, many, ta’do’s I realized that a lot of the fuss would be lessoned if I learned to just stay calm and to always try not to always be in such a hurry. As a young mom I always seemed to be on the run always saying to my children, “hurry up, hurry up we have to go…”. Looking back I am sure that wherever we were going was not at all as important as taking the time with my child to help her figure out what to do about her sock.

So…the magic words today are calm and unhurried. When dealing with young children,( or really anyone for that matter) one should maintain their calm at all times. It will calm your child down, you will feel better and there will be a lot less ta-do’s.

If you find yourself always in a hurry, sit down and try to figure out why. Mornings were always the busiest for me. Do you need to get up sooner or is it simply a matter of giving the children an earlier warning? Maybe lunches could be made at night so it cuts down on the chaos in the morning. Children can pick out their clothes the night before so that is a big decision that they do not have to make in the morning. Think about it and whatever you think might help, give it a try. If it works – great! If is doesn’t then think of something else.

The important thing to remember is that your children are the most important people in your life, so take the time to calmly figure out what the issues are, and everyone else will just have to wait.

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