All It Takes is One Minute

I took my own advice this past Friday and went out into my backyard around 1:00pm and sat by the pool. I read a book, had a cold drink next to me and pretended I was on vacation. I was feeling very stressed and decided I needed a break. I take care of my elderly parents and I know that if I am not at the top of my game they will be the ones that suffer. So vacation time it was. Yes, it was only my back yard but for an hour or two I just relaxed and pretended that my pool was at a luxury hotel and that I had no cares or worries in the world. (I NEVER did find the pool boy to bring me something cold to drink though.)

Now I know that all of you can’t take the afternoon off, but you do need something to calm the stress. Even if you can find 5 minutes to slow down and breathe, that would be a major help, and if you can’t find 5 minutes surely you could spare
one minute.

Raising children is a very stressful job, and raising children with ADHD ups the stress level immensely. And when we are stressed we tend to lose our temper more, our patience level is very thin and we also tend to take it out on the ones around us – and that usually means the children. We don’t mean to yell or get frustrated but since our “gas tank” is nearly on empty our brain reverts to its reptile brain. It goes on automatic, which is the infamous, fight or flight response. Since fleeing the scene is usually impossible the only alternative is fight.

Which puts us back to the “take at least a minute to slow down and breathe” time. Even that one little minute will help you relax and help your brain get back on track.
I know a two-hour break would be wonderful and if you can manage it, I highly suggest it. But if you can’t, please just take one minute or 5 minutes every now and then to relax and breathe – your children and everyone around will certainly appreciate it. And you will feel like the best mother ever!

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