You Have A Good Kid

You Have A Good Kid

“Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid, that you forget you already have one.”

Glennon Melton

Good Evening!
Raising children is a big responsibility. You want to make sure that they eat the right foods, have good manners, do well in school, are nice to their friends, get enough exercise and the list goes on. It sometimes seems that all you are doing is correcting them and/or giving them consequences. It is so easy to fall into the trap of always finding something that you child is doing incorrectly.

Today’s quote is a great reminder to remember that you already have a great kid. Yes, your child has lots to learn. Yes, it is your responsibility to raise capable, independent adults. Yes, you take your “job” very seriously. I get that!

But…instead of always looking for something to correct, find and appreciate all of the wonderful things about your child. What are your child’s strengths? What one thing did they do today that you can positively affirm? Have you seen them being kind to anyone today? Did they wake up in a happy mood? Did they remember to bring all of their homework back to school? There are endless opportunities every day to give your child positive feedback if you remember to look for them.

So…instead of always trying to correct the “wrongs” in your child look for all of the “good”. And when you find it make sure you tell your child. Once you really start looking you will be amazed at home much “good” you can find.

Have some fun today and have some fun this week-end!

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