Precious Moments

Precious Moments

“The bitter sweet side of appreciating life’s most precious moments is the unbearable awareness that those moments are passing”
Marc Parent

Good Morning,

This past weekend my oldest daughter was engaged to a wonderful young man. I am thrilled and excited for both of them as they start this new journey together. I am looking forward to their wedding and all of the joy and love and fun and maybe some disagreements that it will entail. I am going to savor every single minute because I know just how fast the time will go.

Thinking forward toward the wedding nudged me to take a look back. Back to the time when she was just a year old and her favorite words were “what’s that?”. A curiosity that she still has today. Back to when she was a toddler and a child in her play group kept taking her toy away. She learned how to negotiate then and has never forgotten that skill. Back to when she was in elementary school and was thrilled with everything new that she was learning and she has not stopped learning since. Back to when she was in middle school and was not in the popular group and she grew strong and stayed on her own path. Back to high school when she could talk any teacher into doing just about anything. (That is where her negotiating skills came in really handy. Then it was off to college, grad school and eventually teaching. The time seems to have just flown by.

Our children bring us joy and wonder and happiness and sometimes heartache and frustration. Each stage has its unique joys and its unique trials. But every moment is special and every moment is fleeting.

So…slow down. Pay attention to all of the moments in your child’s life. Take notice and and really appreciate those moments ( yes, even the frustrating ones ) before they are gone and your child is moving on. Take it from me, it seems like yesterday that I was rolling my eyes as I answered another “what’s that?”.

Have some fun today!


Peggy Gomula
The Parent Guide

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