Can you find the humor in your crisis?

Can you find the humor in your crisis?

“The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.” H.G. Wells

Good Morning!

The quote today is so true. Things that happen today that put us in crisis mode, later become tales that we laugh at.

One of my children was what I call “tactile” sensitive. All of her clothing had to be soft and comfortable. Tags had to be taken out of all items of clothing, and socks – socks were the bane of my existence. Socks have a small seam at the top near the toes and that small seam created many crisis situations in our home. They would look something like this.

Child puts sock on foot. Child then yells that it feels funny. Child refuses to put shoe on. Mommy, at first, tries to reason with child and explain that they are going to be late so would she please put her sock on. Child refuses. Mommy gets a bit more upset. Child looks her straight in the eye and defiantly says, “I am not wearing these socks!” Mommy finds another pair of socks. Child says these also feel funny. Mommy gets really upset and raises her voice to say please put your socks on, we are late and we have to get going. Child refuses. At this point, depending on how late we were and where we had to be, the story differs. Sometimes mommy angrily picked up the child and the socks and shoes and took her to the car and buckled her in. Sometime mommy sat down on the floor and cried. Sometime mommy and child sat down and cried. Sometime mommy yelled. Sometime child yelled. Most of the time the socks and shoes did eventually manage to get on the feet and we were able to start the day. We were usually very upset and no one was happy, but we could at least be on our way.

In those days this was a major crisis. It often made us late, it upset the child and mommy and it also upset the sisters and daddy as well. Those darn socks could ruin a whole day!

Today, that daughter is still “tactile” sensitive, to a point, but thankfully mommy does not have to get involved any more. But the sock stories have taken on a life of their own and are a great source of amusement for the entire family.

Often the smallest things can throw a household into crisis mode. Who knew that socks were so powerful. When life gets like this, take a moment and pause. Think about what is happening and go down the road five or ten years. Will this crisis become a joke? Will this make a great story to tell when they are older? Can you sit back and see the humor in the situation? If you can see the humor, in that moment, it will help diffuse the situation.

So…Humor goes along way. Don’t wait the five to ten years for it to become a joke. Try to step back and see the humor, right now! Everyone will be so much happier.

Have some fun today!


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