One Little Hug

One Little Hug

Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.
Princess Diana

What a simple act – a hug. And yet, what profound feelings can come from just a simple hug. As an adult I love to feel my husband’s strong arms area around me: Sometimes to convey his love, some sometimes to comfort and sometimes just because. And all of it feels great.

As a young mom the feelings of my children’s hugs always lifted my spirits. Even on the worst of days those two little arms wrapped around me always gave me a feeling of love and comfort. Today the hugs of my grown up children still lift my spirits and still make me feel loved.

Imagine what a hug must feel like to a child. Imagine what they feel when you put your strong arms around them. Imagine the comfort, the safety and the love that your two arms can convey to your child.

So…take a minute from your busy schedule today and give your child a hug. Wrap them in your arms and hold them tight. Take a minute to just breathe and enjoy what that feels like. Take a minute for all of the love to surround you and give you strength for the rest of the day. Take that one little minute to give your child a hug – you might be amazed at what that one little hug can do.

Have some fun today !


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