Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder”

Good Morning!

In my “witch on a broomstick” phase I raised my voice a lot. That was my go-to when life got tough and the chaos took over. I did not know any other way to get my children to behave or do what I asked them to do. Looking back I realize that raising my voice did nothing to help my children learn and grow. Discipline means to teach, and my yelling was not teaching them anything that I wanted them to know.

Once I began to grow and learn I tried every day not to raise my voice. I tried to stay calm no matter what was thrown at me. At first It was very difficult and I failed a lot but I kept at it. As time went on, I still had my moments but they were fewer and fewer and staying calm was becoming a habit.

The best part of staying calm was that I was finally teaching my children and not just criticizing them. And as they grew and learned their behavior changed. Children are not born knowing what we want them to do. We have to teach them. It was not until I stopped raising my voice that the teaching began.

So…as Rumi tells us today,” it is the rain that grows the flower, not the thunder”. If you want your “flowers” to grow, try to use a calm voice and watch the learning begin.

Have some time today!


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