A Million Ways to Be a Good Mom

A Million Ways to Be a Good Mom


Good Morning!

When did being good at something stop be ok?  When did perfect become the norm?  I remember growing up and hearing people say, “she is a good mom” and that was a huge compliment.  For some reason good isn’t enough anymore. Instead we seem to want to attain the status of perfect.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no perfect.  Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect.  It just doesn’t exist.  And to tell you the truth, I personally think that perfect would be pretty boring.

As Jill Churchill tells us today there are “a million ways to be a good mom”.  I could name some of them but you all know what they are because they are unique to your family.

One night my middle child spent the night at her friend’s house.  In the morning the mom, a good friend of mine, asked her if she wanted waffles.  My daughter said yes.  My friend took out her waffle iron, and all of the mixings to make waffles.  My daughter was stunned.  She looked at my friend and said “my mom just takes our waffles out of the freezer.”  My friend still laughs about it today…and so do I.  Point being- if I had wanted to be a perfect mom I would have gone out and bought a waffle iron.  I didn’t and we still are eating our waffles out of the freezer. :).

I am a good mom. I gave up trying to be a perfect mom a long time ago.  If my daughters become good moms I will be thrilled, because then I will know that they are concerned with the important issues and not consumed with trying to be perfect.

So…give up the idea of being perfect. You have a million ways to be a good mom, so go and get started. 🙂

Have some fun today !



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