Children’s Favorite Toys

Children’s Favorite Toys


You will always be your child’s favorite toy. ~Vicki Lansky, Trouble-Free Travel with Children, 1991

You will always be your child’s favorite toy. ~Vicki Lansky, Trouble-Free Travel with Children, 1991

I bought my children a lot of toys throughout their lives. Other people bought my children lots of toys throughout their lives. They don’t remember most of them. 

They do remember the times that we spent together. They remember Disneyland, they remember Joe’s Bay, they remember Hawaii. Family vacations – good times for all! But they also remember playing games with us, going to the store with their father, sitting on the counter and cooking with me, playing in the plastic pool in the backyard, swimming at the community pool and lots and lots of little ordinary times. They remember them because they were with us. They remember because our focus was only on them. They remember because their was laughter, there was play and there was lots and lots of love. They liked their toys but they loved us.

So..feel free to buy lots of toys for your children but remember, as Vicki Lansky tells us today, “You will always be your child’s favorite toy”.

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