Have Some Fun Today!

Have Some Fun Today!

“It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how”

Dr. Seuss

Good Morning!

Every day I sign off with “Have some fun today!” I don’t do this lightly. Fun is something that I think is essential in parenting. Having fun was really difficult for me when I first became a parent. I took my parenting very seriously and did not think that fun was part of the equation. Thus, my “witch on a broomstick phase”. 🙂

I learned from my very wise spouse that having fun made parenting so much easier and so much more enjoyable. I learned that fun did not have to big and showy. I learned to find fun in the everyday of life.

You can have fun with you children doing most anything around your house. You can find fun in folding laundry, listening to music, cooking, cleaning, coloring and playing games. You can have fun at the grocery store. You can have fun waiting in the doctor’s office. You can have fun driving in the car. Only your imagination limits the fun you can have.

For some this comes easy. For others, like me, you have to look really hard for the fun and then you have to practice finding the fun. But take it from one who has learned – it is there, ready and waiting.

So…learn how to have fun every day. Laugh with your children, play with you children, giggle with your children. Parenting should be fun so…

Have some fun today !


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