“Love, limits and let them be.”

“Love, limits and let them be.”


“The rules for parent are three…love, limit and let them be.”

Elaine M. Ward

Good Morning!

Could it really be this easy?  Would just these three little “rules” really work? Let’s look at each one.

Love- loving your children means loving them no matter what.  It means loving them when they are screaming at you, it means loving them when they say that they hate you, it means making the hard decisions on what you believe is in their best interests.  Love means walking the floors when your baby has colic, it means giving up being just “you” centered” and becoming instead “we” centered, it means being there, being available all the time, 24/7.

Limits – setting limits can be really difficult and carrying out those limits can be even harder. But children need limits.  They need limits because they need to learn about life but they also need limits because without them they are really, really scared.  They need someone to stand up and take charge in order for them to feel safe.

Let them be- letting them be means giving them the space and freedom to discover the world and discover who they are.  It means letting them make mistakes, it means letting them fail, it means letting take responsibility for their actions without worrying about or trying to control the consequences.

I really think that Elaine M. Ward might be on to something.

So… In her words ” love, limit, and let them be”.  Love them with all of your heart, enforce limits so they feel safe and then let them go out to explore the world.  Sounds good to me..what do you think?

Have some fun today!







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