“Good Job”

“Good Job”


  • “Focus on what your kids are doing right and PRAISE them for it!” – unknown

Good morning!

It is really easy to notice what your children are doing wrong.  They don’t appreciate what you do for them. They don’t clean their rooms. They are stubborn. They throw tantrums. They are impulsive. And on and on and on. Children are always going to test the limits, and children are going to be cranky and sometimes mean, and sloppy, and human.  They will never be perfect.  Just as we will never be perfect.

We can continue to notice what is wrong and life will go on, but it will be missing something.  Or, we can look for what they are doing right.  At first it might be hard to find because it is so small, but don’t give up. Keep looking.  And when you find it, tell your child. The old “good job”  just won’t cut it.  It needs to be very specific. Start small: “You sat in your chair the whole time we were eating.  I know that is hard for you, thank you.”  I appreciate how well behaved you were in the restaurant.  It helped the people around us to have a nice peaceful dinner.”  “I love the way that you picked up your toys without being asked.”  You room looks beautiful. You worked hard to get it so clean.”  “You got an A on your project. I saw how much time you put into it, I am really impressed.” Look for what is right and then be specific with your praise.

So… Start today and look for what your child is doing right.  Try to find five right things for every one wrong thing that you notice and see what happens.  I am sure that soon you will see positive changes happening around  your home.

Have some fun today!



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