Patience and Peace

Patience and Peace


“All parents should know that: He who knows patience knows peace”. Chinese proverb

Good Morning!

As a young parent I was told that it takes patience to raise children. I knew that having patience was better for my child and I would be a better mother if I was patient, but I never quite understood the power of patience or what the outcome of being patient would be.

Today, reading this Chinese proverb, I finally have the answer.  Because then there will be peace.  So simple – there will be peace. I know that having peace in the family would have been a gift when my children were growing up.  No one likes to live their lives in a constant uproar.  No one wants to live their entire lives in chaos.  It is too demanding and too tiring and it drains your energy until you have nothing left to give.

To be honest, when I think of the times in my life when our household was in chaos it was often precipitated by my lack of patience.  Life would be calm, one of the children would do something “wrong”, I would lose my patience and suddenly life was in chaos.  Looking back it seems so simple but back then I could not see the connection.

So… according to this Chinese proverb it appears that if you want a calm household one of the things you need to learn is the art of patience.  I hope you see the connection a lot sooner than I did!  I wish you all peace.

Have some fun today!


p.s. – It was a wonderful visit with my children these past ten days but it is also great to be back home!  Thank you all for your patience with my technical problems this last week. I so appreciate all of your support!


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