“I suppose that every parent loves his child, but I know, without any supposing, that in a large number of homes the love is hidden behind authority, or its expression is crowded out by daily duties and cares”

— Abbot E. Kittredge

Good Morning!

In our family, when my children were growing up, there was always something that needed to be done. Abbot Kittredge refers to them in today’s quote as “daily duties and cares”.  There were many, many “duties and cares” in our busy home, as I am sure that there are many in your home.  Meals to be prepared, laundry to do, rooms to be cleaned, homework to be done, places to go, bills to be paid, and the list is endless.  So often these “duties and cares” take over our life and somehow the way we show our love to our children finds itself pretty low on the priority list.  We know we love them with every ounce of our being but with all the “duties and cares” we begin to assume that they know this and forget that we should show it to them every day.

Stop for a minute and think about that.  What if your partner never showed their love for you, how would you feel?  What if the hugs you were given felt rushed and not really sincere? What if you were upset and cranky and all anyone told you to do was to go to your room?  It doesn’t feel very good does it?

 There was one time of day, in our very hectic house long ago, that always brought us closer and that was bedtime.  We had a nightly ritual that my children still remember today.  It was bath time, brush teeth, books read in bed and then we scratched their backs and sang two songs, always the same two songs: Amazing Grace and Away in A Manger. (and yes, we sang Away in a Manger year round )  I have no idea how or why that started but it continued for many years.  Bedtime was a special time and my husband and I took turns with each child.  It was a quiet time to let them know how special they were and how much we loved them and it was a time for them to bring up how they felt about their day, all in the coziness of their beds.  I learned a lot about my children those nights and I know that when I left their rooms they felt loved and safe.

So…don’t let your “duties and cares” crowd out your expressions of love.  Find at least some time every day to let your child know how much you love and cherish them.  It will be something you all will treasure for a very long time!

Have some fun today!



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