Growing Up

Growing Up


Good Morning!

Being a good parent does not mean that you will never be challenged by your child.  It does not mean that your children always behave the way you want them to.  It does not mean that life will always go along smoothly.

Parenting is hard and the trials and tribulations that we encounter help us to grow and learn and to become more “polished”.  Looking back at my “witch on a broomstick stage” I see all of the things that it taught me.  It taught me that yelling was not a great way to parent my children.  It taught me that being stubborn never accomplished anything. It taught me that being angry did not help, in any situation.

It also taught me that pausing before I opened my mouth was a great way to control my anger. It taught me to control my anxieties and remain calm by stepping back for a moment and letting my brain catch up.  It taught me that I had to grow up and even if I did not feel like I was grown up I had to act as if I was.  Most importantly, it taught me that it was up to me to stay in control, and to stay calm, so that my children would feel safe and loved.

So…the next time your child throws a tantrum or your teenager stays out past curfew take a step back, pause, and try to think what this incident is trying to teach you. What do you need to learn? Remember that friction is good for you, that it is helping to “polish” you and that soon you will be a shining gem! 🙂

Have some fun today!



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