Trying to be Being a Better Mom

Trying to be Being a Better Mom


Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying.

Good Morning,

I cannot count the number of mistakes that I made raising my children.  I cannot count them because there are way to many of them!

Considering the number of parenting mistakes I made, I am thrilled with today’s quote.  Instead of being embarrassed about all of the mistakes, I can finally reframe them and realize that I was trying. And I did try, over and over and over again.

At the time I saw myself failing because I made so many mistakes.  I was pretty hard on myself.  I was aiming to be the perfect mother not knowing at the time that the perfect mother did not exist.  I saw my mistakes as failures when they were really proof that I was trying so, so hard to be a better mom.  As a lot of moms, I was forgiving of everyone else’s mistakes, except my own.  I wish I had realized then that the mistake was not important – the trying to be a better mom was!

So…you are going to make parenting mistakes – everyone does! Don’t look at them as failures.  Be kind to yourself and realize that they your mistakes are simply proof that you are trying.  And if you are trying – then you are a better mom!

Have some fun today!



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