Busy Families

Busy Families


“As you rumble and rush through your day, pause to remember how amazing and new the world is to the young children in your life.”

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Good Morning!

It’s Monday.  It is the beginning of the week and most likely it is going to be a busy week. School, homework and a variety of activities for the older kids.  Playgroup, preschool and naps for the younger ones.  Work, a house to take of, meals to make, shopping to be done and much more for mom and dad.  Everyone is going to be busy, busy, busy! Welcome to life with children. 🙂

It is really easy to get caught up in all of the things that “need” to be done.  It is really easy to just keep moving forward, often as a rather quick pace, to try and accomplish everything on our list.  It is really easy to forget that our children do not see the world as we do.

By the time we have become a parent we have been there and done that many times. New experiences are not that common in our life, and sometimes even if there are new experiences, we are too busy to notice them.  But for our children, every day is new and exciting.  Every day they see new things, have new experiences and are awed by the wonders of the world.

It only takes a minute or two to stop and watch the bug inch along the sidewalk. It only takes a minute or two to stop and feel the rain on your face and jump in the nearest puddle.  It only takes a minute or two to breathe in the smell of a freshly mowed lawn or leaves burning in the fall or a flower that is newly opened. Imagine all of the wonders we would miss if we never stopped for just that minute or two. Imagine all of the wonders our children will miss if we don’t stop for that minute or two.

So…As parents we have a choice.  We can go through our busy days oblivious to our children’s wonder or we can slow down for a minute or two and give our children time to explore and learn about and appreciate the world around them.  The choice is ours – but please remember that we, and our children, will never get that minute or two back

again …

Have some fun today!



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