The ADD/ADHD Diagnosis

The ADD/ADHD Diagnosis


  • “There are many positives with ADD, including a surplus of ideas, creativity, excitement, and interest which accompany this kind of mind.” – Sari Solden, “Women With Attention Deficit Disorder.”

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Very often when a parent is first told that their child has ADD/ADHD they can only think of the negative traits of ADD/ADHD.  My child will be impulsive, easily distracted, won’t be able to focus, and the list goes on.  The parents have been hearing some of these comments for years but now it is real-there is a medical diagnosis, and that diagnosis has the word “disorder” in it.   “My child has a disorder!”  Yikes! Having raised three daughters with ADHD I know all of the negative thoughts that run through your mind. It is scary, overwhelming, and disheartening. Visions of struggles in school, meetings with teachers and notes sent home from school suddenly fill your head.

But as Sari Solden tells us in her quote today “there are many positives with ADD”. Some of the most creative minds have had ADD/ADHD. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson are just three of the many entrepreneurs, CEO’s, artists, and inventors who have had ADD/ADHD and have led very successful lives.

When you hear the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and your mind starts thinking of all of the negative traits, stop and reframe. Instead of impulsive think creative, instead of easily distracted think curious, instead of not able to focus think sees connections others don’t.  Dwell on the positive side of ADD/ADHD and help your child to do the same.  Help them to understand that they can do anything other children can do and maybe they can do some things much better.  They may struggle in traditional school but with support from parents and teachers they will learn strategies to help them to not only live with ADD/ADHD but to thrive with ADD/ADHD and appreciate all of the gifts it has to offer.

So…don’t despair when you hear a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. Know that with encouragement, reassurance and support, what your child with ADD/ADHD can accomplish is limitless!

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