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Parenting Answers



Your instincts will tell you the answer to your question, but it’s up to you to listen to it or not.

Sonya Parker

Why are moms so hard on themselves?  Why are we always questioning the way we parent, always looking for the “better” way?  Why are we so concerned with getting it “right”? Why do we not trust our instincts?

Parenting is a journey- often a long one.  A journey filled with fun, excitement, and love as well as worry, hardship and frustration.  It is also a journey filled with endless decisions to make from the mundane to the extraordinary.   From, “When do I start feeding them solid food?” to “Will they ever talk?, to “What school is the right one for them”?, to “Is time to let them drive”?, to “Are they ready for college?”.  The list is endless. Some decisions are easy, others, not so much.

In the throes of our decision making there are many places to turn.   We are able to turn our mothers and relatives, to books, magazines and even TV shows.   Additionally, we can turn to therapists, doctors and coaches.  They all have wonderful information to give us and yet, that final decision is always ours to make.  Who do we listen to? Who do we trust? Who will give us the right answer?

The correct answer will always come from you, if you listen to what I like to call your “inner wisdom”,  or your instincts.  As our quote tells us today ” Your instincts will tell you the answer to your question, but it’s up to you to listen or not”.

I made thousands of decisions when I was raising my children.  Some great, some good, some not so good and in all honesty, some pretty bad. But the best decisions I ever made were the ones where I trusted my instincts.  The ones where I listened to my inner wisdom.  The ones where I tuned everything and everyone else out, sat quietly and really listened to what my heart was trying to tell me.

So…when you need to make a decision, slow down.  Take a few minutes to sit quietly and listen.  Listen to your inner wisdom, your instincts and your heart.  They will never steer you wrong.  

Have some fun today!



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