How To Win An Argument With Your Child…

How To Win An Argument With Your Child…


“This is not a contest with your child. The winner is not the one with more points. The winner is the one whose child still loves them when they graduate from high school.”

― Martin L. KutscherADHD – Living Without Brakes

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As I have said many, many times, parenting is hard.  Parenting a child with ADHD is even harder.  If you read my blog you know that I, my husband and all three of my daughters have ADHD. Yes, it has made life a little harder for all of us.  It has required more patience, more understanding and the willingness to keep trying no matter what the obstacles are.  On the positive side, ADHD  has also been a source of great fun.  Anyone who has ever eaten dinner with us will tell you that dinner time at our home is never boring. 🙂

Children who have ADHD can be difficult to parent especially if the parent does not have ADHD.  It is really really hard to imagine what goes on inside the brain of a person who has ADHD unless you have one.  This often leads to conflict and misunderstandings between parent and child.  Don’t get me wrong, there is also plenty of conflict and misunderstandings between parents who do have ADHD, with their children who have ADHD. I can totally attest to that!   The problem is that when there is conflict, usually someone wants to “win”.  But, as Martin  Kutscher tells us in our quote today “This is not a contest with your child”.

Raising a child is not about who wins or who loses an argument. Raising a child is about teaching your child and most importantly about having a good relationship with them. Maintaining a wonderful, healthy relationship with your child through all of the trials and tribulations during their growing up years, is what you want to concentrate on.

So…   when you are in the midst of a conflict, don’t think about winning or losing.  Don’t think about who is right or wrong.  Think instead, what can you do to resolve this and keep the relationship intact.  Then, when they graduate from high school and they still love you, you will be the big “winner”!

Have some fun today!



Peggy Gomula

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“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”     

 Sitting Bull


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