Children and Holidays

Children and Holidays

“The surest way to a child’s heart is to spend time with them.”

― Kevin Heath


Good morning!

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Next week is Thanksgiving and then the mad rush begins.  Presents to buy, houses to decorate, parties to attend, cookies to bake, and the list seems endless.   We are all running around wishing we just had more TIME!

In the midst of all of this it is easy to forget about those little people running around our homes.  We know we need to take care of them, but it feels like just one more thing on our list that we need to check off.  We don’t have time for games, or reading or just sitting on the floor playing.  We have things to do, people to see, and places too go!!

 When my children were little I ran around trying to make sure that everything was perfect for the holiday.  I thought I was doing it for my children but as I look back I realize that since I spent less time with them, it must have been all about me.  It was important to me to get the Christmas cards out with my adorable children’s pictures in them.  It was important to me to have the big Christmas Eve party at my house.  It was important to me to have the perfect presents for my children.   I thought I was I was doing it all for them but honestly my children often got lost in the shuffle.

I am older and wiser now.  My children are grown and it is much less hectic around the house this time of the year.  If I could go back I would tell myself to relax.  I would tell myself that the most important task I have is to spend time with my children.  I would tell myself to slow down, aim to make memories with my family and not worry so much about having the perfect tree, or party, or present or… 

Before this hectic holiday season gets started, STOP – for just for a minute or two.  Take a breath and think about what is really important in your life right now.  Is it the perfect Christmas tree or is the time spent decorating it with your family?  It is the perfect dinner or is it cooking with your children? Is it getting dressed up and going to a lot of parties or is it a quiet night at home, playing games, having fun and spending time with just your family?

 So…fill your child’s heart this holiday season by doing what they really want from you all along. Spend time with them.  

 Have some fun today!


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