How Your Child Is Unique

How Your Child Is Unique


“Look Beyond Motherhood and Parenting; Focus on the uniqueness of every Child.”

― Jaachynma N.E. AguRISK IT, BE DIFFERENT!

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Every child is unique. We hear that and we know it and we try to believe it, but…we still compare. “That child is saying more words.”  “That child is already walking.” “That child has all A’s on their report card.”   “That child is so polite.”  “That child is going to Harvard.” Or maybe “My child would never hit another child.” “My child eats everything I give them.”  “My child does not have a tattoo.”  “My child is the smartest child in their class.”  And on and on and on.  At every age and every stage we tend to look at other children and compare.

The big question is why?  Why do feel the need to compare our children to others?  Why is that so important?  I suppose that there are many reasons but most of them I would think stem from our insecurities.  And our insecurities can come out in two ways.  We really want our child to be the “best” at everything  and/or  we want them to conform to what everyone else is doing.  Is it any wonder that our children are often confused?

As parents we need to work on ourselves.  We need to get our anxieties and our insecurities under control.  We need to let our children be who they are right now and revel in their uniqueness.  Some children will walk or talk earlier than others.  Some children will get all B’s on their report cards and some children will get all A’s. Some children are sassy and assertive, some are more passive. Some children will go to community college and some will go to Harvard. Some children will hit and bite, others won’t.  Some children will be picky eaters and some will be gourmets. Some children will have tattoos and wild color hair and some won’t even pierce their ears.  In the grand scheme of things does it really matter?

 So…Take along hard look at your child.  See their strengths.  See their uniqueness.  See what special gifts they have.  Stop looking around at all of the other children and just focus on your child.  No matter what anyone else is doing, or looking like or accomplishing, keep the focus solely on your child.  Know deep in your heart that your child is right where they are supposed to be, doing just want that are supposed to be doing, looking exactly like that are supposed to look.

Have some fun today!



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