Less Stress

Less Stress


Be gentle with the young.”

Good Morning!

This week is going to be a hectic week.  I have two of my daughters plus one fiancé and one boyfriend coming in for Thanksgiving.  ( Sadly the other daughter and husband are unable to join us this year…), so my quiet house is going to be transformed into a loud, fun and loving home. I can’t wait! There is lots to get ready for the “big day”. Shopping to do, cooking to be done, desert decisions and games to be played.  Add on to that the craziness of Christmas right around the corner and it is easy to go through every day so busy that we don’t really notice what is happening around us.

In the midst of all of this it is easy to become preoccupied by all of the “things” that must get done, and unintentionally we put our children on “hold” while we attend to the myriad of details that need to get finished.  And because we are tired and a bit stressed our patience level is at a low.

Today’s quote is a great reminder. “Be gentle with the young”.  This is also a busy week for your children. Understand that when you are stressed, so are they.  Their schedules are different, possibly new people will be coming over or they will be going someplace that is not as comfortable as home, their mom and dad are very very busy, there is lots of chaos in the house and no one really seems to be paying attention to them.  I am not suggesting that you drop everything to play with your children because I truly believe that letting your children be bored is a gift that you give them.  But I am suggesting that when their behavior is not up to par, you are gentle with them. That you realize that this is a tough week for them as well and that a few hugs, a soft voice, and an empathetic parent will go a long way to help them feel very loved and whole lot less stressed.

So… when all around you is chaos, take a minute to breath, and look for those children of yours and give them a big hug! Then send them on their way so that you can get back to all of the “things” you need to do. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have some fun today!






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