Optimistic Parenting

Optimistic Parenting


We must return to optimism in our parenting. To focus on the joys, not the hassles; the love, not the disappointments; the common sense, not the complexities.”

― Fred G. Gosman

Good morning!

I have said many, many times that parenting is hard.  But just because it is hard it does not mean that we have to focus on it being hard.  Instead, as our quote tells us today, “we must return to optimism in our parenting”.  We need to look for all of the good things that happen every day. We need to stop concentrating on what our children are doing wrong and instead affirm them for what they are doing right.

I look back and I realize that always seeing what my children did wrong was maybe the worst part of my “witch on a broomstick phase”.  By always concentrating on what they did wrong my children began to believe that they never did anything right.  That eventually turned into “why should we even try, she will just find something wrong”. And thus the vicious cycle began.

Today, being much older and hopefully wiser, I realize the importance of concentrating on what children do right.  The rule of thumb is to say five positive things to every one negative thing that you say to your child. In a typical day that may not be easy and it may take some time and practice but it can be done.  And the rewards will be numerous.

So…as Fred Gosman says in our quote today try “to focus on the joys, not the hassles, the love, not the disappointments…  Do this and the changes that you see in your children will amaze you!

Have some fun today!



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