I Would Rather Laugh

I Would Rather Laugh

“Life is way too short, so try to enjoy every minute of it with a sense of humor!”

― Christina Scalise, Are We Normal? Funny True Stories from an Everyday Family

Good Morning!

It has been a long time since I was able to sit down in a relatively quiet place and start writing again. As most of you know about 2.5 months ago my husband and I picked up and moved from AZ to WA. Most people think we have it a bit backwards but there was just something that was telling me it was time to move. All three of my daughters live up here and since they are married, engaged or have a steady boyfriend, I am figuring that my new title of Grandma, or Mama Peg or whatever they choose to call me, hopefully will be coming soon.

As you can imagine it has been quite the experience, sometimes amazing, sometimes a bit “meh” and sometimes downright disappointing. Sort of like being a parent. 🙂 What enabled my husband and I to get through this situation and all of the other interesting situations that we have experienced in our life is our sense of humor. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to see the humor and just laugh.

The same thing also holds true for being a parent. There will always be ”situations” to deal with while you are raising your children. And just like my move some will be amazing, some will be just “meh” and some will be downright disappointing. But if you can laugh your way through all of these situations you life will seem so much easier and everyone, including you, will look at your “situations” in a whole new way!

If feels great to be back at my desk. It feels great to be back writing. It feels great to be back helping parents.

Have some fun today!


Peggy Gomula

The Parent Guide. LLC






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