Being “Yourself”

Being “Yourself”

“Everyone always says to be yourself…like “yourself” is this definite thing…like a toaster, or something.”

-Angela, My So-Called Life
Good Morning! We often put ourselves and our children into categories. I am not the smart one, I was the pretty one growing up, I am not the math one, she is the pretty one, he is the smart one, she is the athletic one, she loves to argue so she is going to a lawyer, he loves to build so he will grow up to be an engineer and on and on and on. I am not sure why this seems so easy for us – I guess we all like to have things neat and tidy and by putting everyone into a certain category it does seem to make things neat and tidy.

BUT it also limits us and limits our children. ALL of us, adults and children alike, are constantly, growing and changing. What and who we are now is not necessarily who we will BE. We can decide today to do whatever we want, to be whoever we want to be, to make choices that are completely different from the ones we made yesterday. We can and should be growing every day!

So…don’t limit yourself or your child by putting them or yourself into neat and tidy categories, don’t label anyone when they they are not finished ( and hopefully may never be finished). Enjoy your children for who they are right NOW and don’t worry about who they will become.

Have some fun today!


Peggy Gomula
The Parent Guide


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