Why Parent Coaching?

Coach noun, often attributive ˈkōch
[from the concept that the tutor conveys the student through examinations]
1.  a : a private tutor
     b : one who instructs or trains <an acting coach>

 * Merriam-Webster.com

Much like in sports, a Parent Coach is there to help cheer you on, support you and guide you. A Parent Coach possesses the tools necessary to provide relevant practical help for all parents. The family that you dream about is truly attainable with the help of The Parent Guide.



  • Find solutions to your specific parenting challenges
  • Provide important ADHD and developmental information
  • Support you as you implement new parenting tools
  • Help you to gain more confidence in your parenting skills
  • Design a parenting plan that is truly unique to your family
  • Identify your family’s strengths and what is working now
  • Help you navigate the school system
  • Bring more energy and joy into your parenting.
  • Empower and equip you to deal with future problems independent of the coach


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